I graduated from the University of New Mexico Law School in 2022, after taking a leap of faith and leaving my past career to pursue a career in law.  I was drawn to personal injury law after working as a statistician; crunching numbers felt too far removed from making a difference in the lives of actual people.  Andy Scholl Law, P.C. is a perfect fit for me, because the small-size of the firm gives us the opportunity to develop personal relationships with our clients and put our full and best efforts into every case.

While at UNM Law, I grew to love both the law and legal community in New Mexico.  I was actively involved in the Moms of Law Group and served on the School of Law Curriculum Committee.  I even wrote four different children’s books on contracts law in order to share my passion for the law with my two young kids.  After three years, I graduated at the top of my class, earning both the Daniels Diploma, generally awarded to the top-ranking law school graduate, and the Salazar Prize, awarded to the top-ranking student after the second year of law school.

I look forward to using my past experience in medical health research, risk analysis, and empirical methods to better serve my clients in the area of medical malpractice and personal injury law.  Prior to attending law school, I received a PhD from Harvard University in 2012 in biostatistics.  I then worked as an Assistant Professor at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine and as a Principal Member of the Technical Staff at Sandia National Laboratories.  Through these experiences, I worked with a wide array of different professionals: physicians, epidemiologists, scientists, and engineers; authored peer-review publications in the areas of empirical causation, risk assessment, and epidemiology; and taught statistics courses to various audiences. 

In my spare time, I enjoy running, hiking, and spending time with my husband and kids.  Ultimately, I love any excuse to explore a new part of our beautiful State with my family.


University of New Mexico

JD, 2022

Harvard University

PhD, Biostatistics, 2012

Furman University

BA, Mathematics, 2007



Activities and Affiliations

New Mexico Trial Lawyers Association

Sample of Published Work

Lauren has co-authored 22 peer reviewed publications, including:


Hund L. and Schroeder B. (2020). A causal perspective on reliability assessment, Reliability Engineering and System Safety, 195.


Hund L. and Schroeder B. (2018). Distinguishing between model-and data-driven inferences for high reliability statistical predictions. Reliability Engineering and System Safety, 180.


Hund L., Bedrick E., et al. (2015). A Bayesian framework for estimating disease risk due to exposure to uranium mine and mill waste on the Navajo Nation. Journal of the Royal Statistics Society: Series A, 178:4.


Hund, L. (2014). New tools for evaluating LQAS survey designs. Emerging Themes in Epidemiology 11:2.


Hund L., Northrop-Clewes C, Nazario R.F., Suleymanova D., Mirzoyan L., Irisova M., Pagano M., Valadez J. (2013). A Novel Approach to Evaluating the Iron and Folate Status of Women of Reproductive Age in Uzbekistan after 3 years of Flour Fortification with Micronutrients. PLOS ONE. doi: 10.1371.

Lauren Hund, JD, PhD


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